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We provide comprehensive support to individuals, on a personal level, and within the context of their relationships, family systems, and the social structures that shape them.

We understand that personal well-being is deeply intertwined with the broader context of one’s life, including institutions such as our social bonds, employment, or school.

By addressing various aspects of a person’s life, we strive to create a wraparound approach that nurtures and empowers individuals within their unique ecosystems. Our range of services encompasses psychotherapy, evaluation, rehabilitative and support services, ABA/behavior therapy, mediation, education-related support, and groups.

Our team of compassionate experts is committed to guiding you through your journey of growth and strength, helping you navigate the interplay between self, relationships, and the larger systems that shape your experiences


Each each individual operates within a complex system of relationships and environments, and each person has a unique inner world that is influenced by, and influences, these connections. These relationships, whether in personal, work, or school contexts, play a pivotal role in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. It’s through these interactions that we often encounter challenges that can shape and change us.

Our team is here to provide a supportive and empowering space where you can explore and navigate the dynamics of a complex inner and outer worlds. Through our range of services, we can assist you in understanding your experiences and reactions, fostering healthier relationships, managing stressors at work or school, and overall, enhancing your mental and emotional wellbeing. Our therapeutic approach is respectful of the individual’s unique experiences and contexts, with the aim to foster resilience, facilitate personal growth, and promote better coping strategies for life’s multifaceted challenges.

If you’re struggling with ADHD, focus and attention difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma, C-PTSD, autism, phobias, learning disabilities, socioemotional challenges, or behavioral difficulties, we can help.

If you’re in the midst of significant life transitions, distress related to gender expansivity, dealing with grief, or simply need extra support in navigating life’s complexities, we can help you process these experiences and find your path towards health and growth. Both in-person and telehealth services are available, allowing you to choose what works best for your comfort and convenience. Together, we can work on improving your wellbeing, bolstering your strengths, and helping you develop new skills to meet life’s challenges head-on

Beyond You

We offer a range of services aimed at enhancing an individual’s psychological, social, and emotional well-being within the broader context of their relationships and various systems they navigate.

Whether it’s improving relationships with a co-parent, sibling, child, or addressing challenges in the workplace or professional life, we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to identify problem areas and collaboratively resolve them.

Our goal is to support individuals in developing healthier dynamics, effective communication skills, and constructive coping strategies, ultimately fostering positive changes and promoting overall well-being within the complex systems they navigate.

Some services we offer that address individual needs within their relationships or environments include psychotherapy, mediation, and groupwork.


We provide an integrative approach to mental health across the lifespan, from experienced therapists.

 Individual counseling can be highly beneficial for individuals facing various challenges in their lives. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, difficulties with attention or concentration, grief, vocational issues, or difficulties in your relationships, seeking therapy can provide valuable support. Our aim is to collaborate with you to create a customized treatment plan that aligns with your goals for therapy. Through this process, we will work together to address your concerns and facilitate personal growth

We specialize in providing therapy for children and adolescents who are grappling with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Whether they are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, attentional deficits, trauma, or behavioral issues impacting their school, home, or community life, we are here to help. We believe in a comprehensive approach that involves the active involvement of parents or guardians. Our goal is to work with the child or adolescent as well as the significant adults in their life to create supportive systems that promote their well-being and development

Whether you are seeking assistance in improving communication and resolving conflicts within your family, navigating the complexities of co-parenting, strengthening the bond with your child, or addressing and resolving concerns in partnerships, our therapy sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs

Evaluation Services

We offer a range of evaluation services, including psychological, behavioral, and educational assessments. These evaluations can be valuable for clinicians, clients, and other healthcare professionals involved in the your care

Neuropsychological testing involves administering a battery of standardized cognitive tests to evaluate an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. These tests can cover various domains such as attention, memory, language, perception, and executive functions. The goal of neuropsychological testing is to assess the functioning of the brain and pinpoint any areas of cognitive impairment. It is often used to diagnose conditions such as traumatic brain injury, dementia, ADHD, and learning disabilities. It can also help to inform treatment planning, monitor progress, and provide valuable insights into an individual’s cognitive abilities. The results of the tests can help healthcare professionals tailor interventions to an individual’s unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and provide appropriate recommendations for support services such as academic accommodations or occupational therapy.

Psychological evaluations involve the use of comprehensive psychometric measures, interviews, and specific assessments to address the questions raised in a referral. They can help clarify complex diagnoses, explain symptoms and coping styles, or determine the most suitable therapeutic approaches around challenges posed by things like mood or personality.

This testing can includes collection of self-reported symptoms and observations, interviews, questionnaires, and observations. We can use these evaluations as a diagnostic tool to better understanding of psychological functioning, allowing your clinician develop more effective treatment plans.

More in-depth information is available here

Behavioral evaluations, which may include functional behavior assessments (FBAs), are effective in identifying the underlying functions of concerning behaviors and driving behavior change.

Educational and academic evaluations assess an individual’s performance in areas such as reading, writing, language, and mathematics using standardized measures, interviews, observations, and work samples. Our evaluation process is tailored to the individual’s needs, and we collaborate with you to determine the most appropriate assessments to address your concerns.

More in-depth information regarding our psychoeducational evaluations can be found here

Rehabilitative & Support  Services

Services to support communication, behavioural, relational, and academic functioning

We offer professional Speech Language Pathologist services, delivered by a Spanish-English bilingual professional. Personalized assessments and targeted interventions to help individuals of all ages improve their speech, language, and cognitive abilities. Our compassionate and informative therapy sessions help clients develop confidence, independence, and functional communication skills that will allow them to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Our Speech-Language Pathologist works in close tandem with our Educational Services in the event the need is related to securing of school-supported service delivery

Occupational therapy (OT) services aim to empower individuals of all ages who struggle to perform their everyday routines and activities due to various conditions or disabilities. Our team of qualified occupational therapists work with clients to develop personalized plans that focus on improving their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. We use evidence-based practices and cutting-edge technologies to identify each client’s specific needs and abilities, and help them achieve their individual goals. Whether you need support to regain your daily activities’ independence, or are seeking assistance to cope with limitations, occupational therapy services are here to offer you compassionate help and guidance to enable you to achieve your desired lifestyle, regardless of your condition.

We provide systematic assessment including Functional Behavior Assessment and skill evaluation to identify targeted and well-structured ABA services that are individualized. Specific interventions are tailored to the needs of the individual and the environment in which they live including home, school, and community. We also provide individual BCBA supervision to those pursuing a certification and requiring a knowledgeable supervisor who will systematically support the gaining of proficiency in the task list set forth by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as well as how to effectively apply that knowledge

We provide a variety of mediation services to work with individuals, groups, organizations and businesses. Our approach to mediation includes understanding the needs and concerns of the individual(s), group(s), or business(es), developing a plan, and engaging in productive, collaborative conversations to assure movement forward with positive results. Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Health has a certified and experienced mediator who can assist with resolving conflict resulting in positive solutions

Our life-coaching services are designed to help individuals enhance their relationships, careers, and overall quality of life. Similar to an athletic coach, our coaching approach aims to strengthen your skills in communication, support your professional projects, guide you through life transitions, and assist you in achieving personal goals. Whether you seek guidance in specific areas or desire a more comprehensive life-improvement plan, our life-coaching services can provide the support and tools you need for personal growth and success.

Tutoring: Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Health, LLC is proud to partner with NoCo Tutoring & Enrichment to offer quality and affordable tutoring services. Founded by experienced educators Jacque Morgan and Niel Smosna, NoCo Tutoring & Enrichment employs a team of state-licensed teachers with expertise in various grade levels, interventions, and teaching styles. They have successfully supported students ranging from 3 years old to high school, providing individualized and in-depth support for academic growth. Whether your child needs assistance with specific subjects or requires general academic support, NoCo Tutoring & Enrichment can help. For more information or to schedule tutoring services, please contact them at (970) 988-4748 or nocotutoringllc@gmail.com. You can also visit their website at https://nocotutoringllc.wixsite.com/tutoring.

Psychoeducation & Groupwork

We offer a range of group programs designed to facilitate individual skill-building in an environment of support and belonging, that will translate to broader life contexts.
Besides in-house groupwork, we facilitate psychoeducation in presentation or workshop modality on a range of topics, delivered by our psychologists, counselors, behaviour analysts, and mediator.

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