Who We Are

comprehensive evaluation • compassionate treatment • coordinated care

Whether you seek understanding, coping, healing, changing, or forging a new path, our team will provide the tools to pave a way to peace, purpose, and progress.

Our team will take an integrative approach to your wellbeing, harnessing years of experience and interdisplinary skill.  Informed by psychological, behavioral, neurological, and social science, we’ll address your presenting concerns with evidence-based best practices. Whether you’re seeking psychological evaluation due to concerns with mood or focus, clarity in how to navigate relationships, or greater understanding of how to support your child’s learning, we offer both individualized focus from our specialists, and collaboration of our collective skillsets.

We’ll partner with you to comprehensively evaluate where you are and where you want to be. We will set goals and work with you through our coordinated care model, providing compassion and respect for the broader context of your life’s successes and challenges.

Meet The Team

Cori Ann Stepek, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Clinic Director


Sarah Belleau, MA

Education Consultant, Mediator, Occupational Therapist, Co-Owner

Kaili Young, BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst​

Lisa Hernandez, SLP, BCBA

Speech-Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Shaunda Stahl, MSEd

Education Specialist

Naomi Win, PsyD, NCSP

Licensed School Psychologist, Postdoctoral Resident​

Sandy Rasmussen, PhD, SLP

Spanish-English Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

Our Clinic

Dr. Cori Ann Stepek founded Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Health, LLC, in 2021, in direct response to community need. After 20+ years of psychological practice within public education and private sector settings, In the summer of 2022, Dr. Stepek partnered with Sarah Belleau, expert educator, consultant and mediator with 20+ years of experience, expanding the practice to include a design to meet community needs for multidisciplinary expertise.  In partnership, the vision to provide truly integrative care developed with a collaboration of professionals providing coordinated mental and behavioral healthcare, advocacy, and family support that meets clients where they are, scaffolds their needs in ways that work, to support them in getting where they want to be. 

Responsive to this scope, the partners designed a model of care that sees then meets individual needs, within the context of how their experiences and functionality interface with relational dynamics and families, couched within broader systems of community, culture, and social infrastructure. To facilitate this comprehensive service, Dr. Stepek and Ms. Belleau expanded the practice to comprise a team of psychologists, consultants, board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), specialized service professionals, and educators, who work together to holistically evaluate and identify needs, equip individuals with tools to forge their path of progress, and design scaled supports within a range of environments.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Health is to provide the highest quality of compassionate care and services to our clients and families, promoting a strong sense of well-being through wraparound services of support, counseling, evaluation, education, consultation and advocacy.

Pursuant to our Mission, we:

  • Provide comprehensive inclusive services through evaluation, direct services, consultation and advocacy.
  • Work with individuals to identify needs, goals and desired outcomes.
  • Improve understanding of social emotional and behavioral health through strengths-based educational opportunities, counseling and intervention.
  • Provide services to improve social, emotional and behavioral outcomes across age groups.
  • Work within the community, including schools, agencies and non-profit organizations, to serve individuals with social, emotional, behavioral, educational, and other needs in order to live their most productive life.
  • Collaborate with families, community partners, agencies and non-profit organizations to support client growth across environments.

Beyond evaluation, therapy, mediation, and behavioral therapy, our clinicians are proficient in working with schools, law practices, and other agencies for consultation, participation in Independent Education Evaluations (IEE), training and psychoeducation in areas of Special Education, Equity and Inclusion, reviewing and enhancing the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Clinicians at Rocky Mountain Neurobehavioral Health offer expertise specific to Autism diagnoses, crafting supports for social/emotional/behavioral difficulties (including functional behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention plans), and sensory needs. Additionally, we offer a range of mediation services with a certified and experienced mediator. Explore our services here

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