Psychoeducation and GroupWork

We offer a range of group programs designed to provide valuable support and skill-building opportunities in settings that translate to broader life contexts.

Our parenting support groups provide a nurturing and collaborative environment for parents to share experiences, gain insights, and learn effective strategies.

For children and adolescents, our socioemotional management groups offer a safe space to learn and practice essential skills for emotional regulation, communication, and healthy relationships.

Throughout the year, we offer groups focused on faith transitions, helping individuals navigate the challenges and changes in their spiritual journeys, and groups that specifically address matrescence, supporting mothers in their transition to parenthood.

Engaging in group work provides individuals with the opportunity to not only improve specific skills but also develop a broader set of capabilities that can be applied to various aspects of their lives. The supportive context of group settings fosters personal growth, enhances self-awareness, and promotes a sense of belonging. We believe that these groups offer valuable experiences and tools that position individuals to thrive and succeed in their broader life contexts.

Current Groups

This group supports pre-teens entering 6th – 8th grade in developing important skills for successful peer interactions, including conversation starters, turn-taking, problem-solving, flexible thinking, emotion regulation, and effective communication

Geared towards youth in grades 6th – 9th, this group focuses on enhancing skills in organization, time management, prioritization, study strategies, goal setting, and self-advocacy.

Designed specifically for middle school girls, this group explores healthy friendships, cyberbullying prevention, self-esteem, and self-advocacy. The aim is to provide lifelong skills for navigating girl drama and fostering positive relationships.

A social skill group for children entering grades 3rd – 6th who struggle with managing intense emotions, following rules, making positive friendships, finding solutions to issues, and more. The group focuses on skill development and peer interaction.

A class for parents seeking guidance in creating a harmonious relationship with their children. Strategies for encouraging cooperation, communication, mutual respect, emotional regulation, and problem-solving are covered.

A group designed to help children develop flexible thinking skills for problem-solving and navigating transitions. Children learn skills such as generating alternative plans, compromising, and recognizing the importance of different situations.

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